Our Story

I started this blog in order to document our journey to good health.  In the beginning, my husband, Ed, was dealing with various health issues resulting from his gluten sensitivity.  I was determined to find a solution.  We started with examining not only the products he ate, but also the products he applied to his skin!

At first, I  was overwhelmed with the array of diets and nutritional information available.  Which one is right?  Which one is best?  Everybody is different, and obviously, there is no one program that will work for all.  It’s a process of discovery.

This is about our journey.  It has helped us in ways we never imagined.  Hopefully we can help others through the insights we’ve uncovered.

In addition to sharing our story, I intent to expand this blog to include various recipes (along with pictures) of dishes I’ve revised to fit our new eating lifestyle.  I will explain also, the reasons for omitting certain ingredients based on the concepts outlined in the various nutritional programs we’ve adopted.